The Brighton Pier

I Know What You Did Last Weekend

The Brighton Pier
The Brighton Pier

Brighton and Hove is a perfect place for a weekend trip for people in London and ofcourse for the tourists. If you want a little bit of sunshine, a walk by the beach and exclusive shopping, well this is the place for you. Around one and half hours from London by train, it is a place you can even visit and come back the same day. Its not a problem finding neat and comfortable room for two starting around £70 per night on a weekend and around £35 on a weekday. I suggest you try to get your bookings at least a week earlier from one of the hotel deal sites like or

Brighton and Hove Beach
The Beach Side

The Brighton Pier being one of the most visited sites in Brighton was built in 1823 to provide for the safe harbouring of merchant ships from France. But today thousands of tourists from all over the globe land each day to have fun, shop and eat. Though most of the rides are for kids its got some unique things for adults as well like a palmistry wagon, fish pedicures, horror rides, gambling area, bars and food kiosks.

A Walk by the Sea - Brighton and Hove, UK
A Walk by the Sea – Brighton and Hove, UK

The best place to find information, rates, bookings and opening times on the Brighton Pier is the Official Brighton Pier Website. 

Firdaus Haque


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